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Naming Ceremonies

As Symbolic Celebrants part of the pleasure of our work is to carry out naming ceremonies. A naming ceremony is a non-religious alternative to a traditional christening, as it acknowledges the importance of the arrival of a new family member, in front of family and friends, in a unique and special ceremony, written specifically to meet your requirements.


This special event is not just for a new born infant, but can also be for a youth or an adult.

Therefore the timing for a naming ceremony can vary from mere days after birth, to several

months or many years later.


A naming ceremony is ideal for parents who wish perhaps to let their child or children make their

own decision later in life. It can also mark a very important occassion, such as in the adoption of

a child or children into their forever family, or welcoming stepchildren into an extended family.



Some adults as they go through life for one reason or another, perhaps to be more reflective of a chosen religion or culture, or just purely a desire to be known by a different name, would like to make a public declaration of this wish to family and friends and celebrate it by having a naming ceremony.


The structure of a naming ceremony can often follow the same style as that of more traditional naming ceremonies, however with the symbolic ceremony it would be led by us as celebrants in which parents name 'guide parents', 'mentors' or 'supporting adults' instead of godparents. The ceremony can include poems, readings, music, symbolism such as the lighting of a candle, presenting gifts, or perhaps the planting of a tree. (We have many more options which would be discussed with you, based upon your own personal preferences, to make a meaningful and unique event for all those involved). Finally the presenting of certificates to those concerned i.e. parents of the infant or child, the adult who is changing their name, the 'guide parents' or 'mentor'. This is then often followed by a celebratory party.


We strongly believe that Naming Ceremonies should be accessible to absolutely everyone, and therefore we are responding to that belief with the ceremonies that we offer.



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